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The Penguin Method And Your New Outlook On The Dating Scene

If you feel like you’ve been consistently getting the wrong guys, maybe it’s time to change your approach to the dating scene. I know, it may sound hard to change your outlook, but the way that you look at things is really the key to getting what you want out of life.

To make this transition to looking at things differently easier, you may want to read a book or two on how to be more successful in your relationships with men. There are a ton out there, but on that has caught my eye recently is The Penguin Method by a woman named Samantha Sanderson. This book is fascinating because it looks at the mating practices of adorable penguins, and explains how to get a man to commit to you for life just like a male penguin commits for life to a female of his own species. There are many more details about this program you can find in this penguin method review.

Let’s face it, single girls have it hard — there’s that pressure from society to be in a loving and nurturing relationship by a certain age. But sometimes it feels like there’s just no guy that just gets you. Maybe you’ve dated a string of guys who are wrong for you or have not been as mature as you would like in a relationship. If you feel like you’re in a dating rut, it’s time to step up the game.

If you’ve been consistently meeting guys at bars or clubs, consider switching up the venue. What are you truly passionate about? Is there any new skill or interest you’d like to pursue? If you’re not really a club person yet you insist on being a party girl just to meet guys, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Be yourself, and let your passion make you shine! Join a dance class or volunteer your time at your local animal shelter. Get to meet like-minded people who share your interests, and with whom you can comfortably carry a conversation.

If you’ve always held back at parties, then maybe it’s time to take the spotlight for once. Don’t wait for that cute guy to talk to you; strike up a conversation. Be friendly — you don’t necessarily have to act like you’re flirting. Just practice your social skills, learn to make new friends and connections, and one of them could lead you to someone right.

Be confident and be yourself. Nothing is more charming than a woman who’s aware of her value and who revels in it. Enjoy the moment, have fun while you meet new people, and don’t worry too much about not yet finding the right guy. When you’re enjoying the life you want to live, you’ll find that you’ll attract the right kind of people too.